Simulating amount of daylight during the year

Every smartphone nowadays has a weather forecast and some more advanced forecasts lets you see the sunrise and sunset time along with the information whether the day is shorter or longer than the day before and also the difference of the time. I was wondering for a...

Finite Differences in Electromagnetics with CUDA

Solving Electromagnetic problems is not really my area of expertize, but its about 3 years back in the university , where we had a nice project to actually solve some of the easiest problems of the Electromagnetic Field in electrostatics. The method, I will talk...

Building personal Firewall

It is becoming more and more important to maintain our digital security. In the world,where most people gladly give away their personal info for free via facebook of google is hard to find some digital security improvements worldwide. There are efforts such as...

Kepler Orbit Demo

I am going to post again about one of my favorite topic - object movement in central gravity field or to specific satellite and planetary motion. In My previous post, I have used a 2D numeric model,which was later improved to handle 3D space. This model bas was based...

CUDA QSwift Library with QR Eigenvalue solver

Today, I would like to talk a bit about computing eigenvalues with CUDA, but before we begin, I would like to add a short story, that made me in fact proceed to solving this problem. It all started with my diploma thesis. I found a few interesting subjects for my...

Started to learn about GPGPU at the university as a hobby and since then was a part of several projects focused mainly on signal/image processing algorithms in Matlab/CUDA. Co-authored magazine article at the Optical  society of America and after successful graduation in Wireless Communications  on the CTU Prague in 2016 started to work as an FPGA/SoC engineer with Xilinx products with specialization in signal processing of Software Defined Radios.

Other fields of interests are presented here on my blog. This includes FFTs, Filtering, Filter Design General Signal and Image processing, GNSS signal processing, CUDA Acceleration of chosen tasks, Matlab Simulations, Linear Algebra topics, applied Math and Physics (Although I am not a physicist) and of course C/C++ topics.

I do run and manage my own virtualized server, git version control and domain, yet I wouldn’t say I am IT/Network specialist with deep knowledge of Linux system. I am looking for a satisfiable well-paid job, preferably with FPGAs/SoC and Signal processing. I am open to work  remotely from Prague CZ.  

If you are interested in some form of cooperation, please send an email to

Thank you for your visit 

Ing. Vojtěch Terš

Czech Technical University Graduate