Hi there, first of all, I want you to know that there are plenty of free cloud storage solutions:

And many others, however for some reason, my friends decided to use dropbox, thus forcing me to use it. While all solid cloud storage providers give you at least 10GB of storage space at no cost, dropbox gives you only 2 freaking GB of useless space. In time when computers are getting TBs of space, dropbox gives you only 2GB, so you can enjoy browsing all of your documents in .zip.txt format and always check for space problems anyway. Ok, lets stop beeing angry about dropbox,you can of course purchase the pro version! Sure you can …. But lets say, you want to share photos,documents and some low-space zip files containing whatever. So in total you need about 10-100GB max. The problem here is,that if you want to use dropbox,you have to pay for 1TB of space regardless of wheather you are using it or not. This costs you about +- 100 USD/year. And in case you want to have about 10-20GB of space,this is  definitely the way to go. So before proceeding to the next section,please reconsider using MS Onedrive/Google Drive.

If you are reading this,you probably have problems with dropbox. So lerts take a look at the dropbox options. You can connect your FB account,follow dropbox on twitter and facebook and read dropbox starter guide. Each of this gives you addtional 125MB of space (except for starter guide that gives you +250MB). Very freaking ridiculous. Not even a space to store my favorite videoclip! Alternatively, you can download carousel and mailbox apps (from play.google.com) Installing these apps gives you  4GB of additional space(+3GB for carousel and +1GB for mailbox), so we have +- 6.5GB of space right now. Not much either. Now comes the funny part :D Dropbox allows you to increase your quota by 500MB for each new user you persuade to join dropbox (up to a maximum of nice 16GB). Of course you dont want to bother anybody with installing such a crap on their computer, but there is a way, you can do this:

Part1: Getting things ready:

  • Download Virtualbox/VmWare
  • Download Kubuntu
  • Add new machine to Virtualbox/VmWare and install your Kubuntu
  • Once in your virtual OS, install Dropbox, open browser and terminal
  • On your normal PC, go to your favorite email provider (gmail,yahoo,outlook ….) and sign up for 32 mail adresses
  • (I recommend you to use names you can easily recognize such as ihatedbox1 … ihatedbox32) 
  • In your VmWare/VirtualBox:  Take a snapshot of the current OS state.

Part2:Repeat,repeat and repeat:

  • Log in to your standard dropbox account and invite your new user (ihatedbox1…32)
  • In terminal, you have to change the MAC adress of your card each time to a random new value(0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/a/b/c/d/e/f) :
  • sudo ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:00:00:00:00:00*
  • Login to your created mailbox “ihatedbox1 … 32” and click on the link (I accept invite)
  • Fill some random account info and make sure to choose a weak password so you dont have to think about typing it each time (000000 is a good password for this purpose)
  • Click to create your account.
  • Login to your opened Drobbox application with the email “ihatedbox1 … 32” and password “000000” –> You get +500MB
  • On the Virtualbox/VmWare click “revert to snapshot” to begin a new round

To prove that it works:


*If changing your MAC adress is not enough, try changing your computer name as well: sudo hostname “sdhfbddfi”

In,the end: Please if you dont have to, never use dropbox! If they had a standard plan of providing 10-15GB for free with 10USD/1TB I would reconsider calling dropbox a crap, but the truth is, that their current state of free plan along with its pro-plan pricing is just wrong. In fact, this cheat persuaded me to leave dropbox as soon as I dont need it anymore. I would gladly pay even more to use Pro features of Google Drive/Onedrive in case I ever need more cloud storage. Hope you do too!