I remeber when my brother purchased a copy of Diablo III short after its release and I was given the starter edition, that allowed me to play till level 13 and till quest: the Skeleton King (Act I).

I have choosen to play my beloved Sorceress as usual, but I didnt liked it. As I was already writing earlier, she looked awfull, like a whore, so I stopped playing for a long time even if everything was cool, lots of new graphics, scenes, options and so on. I was also never playing an online game, which was a big difference for me, but in the end, I found it really funny to play with other real players. On the other hand I still dont like beeing lagged and die because of some stupid network inactivity. Neverthless i came back to Diablo III a few months before patch 1.0.8 was released.

My brother allowed me to try the full version as he stopped playing because the first version of Diablo was really bad. I think that there were 2 big improvements: patch 1.04 and the new paragon system (Levelling after L60 to paragon levels – up to 100) and patch 1.0.8 which brought many usefull additions Like Cains book, Increased Monster Density and skill updates for all chars. But I still think that most of the improvements were made to my beloved  Wizard class. Deadlier skills, Archon updates and perhaps some other gadgets. However with increased monster density, it was finally enjoyable to play. Hordes of monsters available to kill and lots of XP you could get to level up your toon up to paragon 100.

Now about 3 months before releasing Diablo III datadisk: Reaper of Souls,I am writing this small review. I was wrong before, Playing Diablo III is really funny, but once you get to L60 with your toon. To be honest,I dont like playing on Normal,Nightmare or Hell difficulty as I can guess, nobody likes to play throught the same acts 4 times in a row with a single char.  Fortunately, if you have any friends willing to powerlevel you, levelling your new toon to L60 becomes a really fast solved problem. For those who dont know: Powerlevelling is a system where one powerfull char with high DPS (Damage per Second) run through hordes of monsters along with low level chars and kill those hordes as fast as possible on the highest difficulty (Once you can play inferno, 100K DPS char does not have any problems running Hell on MP10 – which is the highest difficulty settings for any difficulty option).


Maybe as you know, Blizzard is also planning to shut down all Auction Hauses on March 2014. I still wonder if this is a good or wrong way to make Diablo more playable. On one hand, the Auction Hause is a really cool way of selling and buying whatever you need. The Problem however is that there are people, who are not playing, only reselling Items, making real money and of course, they are overpricing most of the items available. When I started to play, I was wondering why there are items listed for 2Bils. No player (Or really few of them)  is able to reach such a sum by the means of normal gameplay. I have been playing so far for about 700Hrs (Not much according to my online friends) but yet, I have collected about 230M gold. Now you can see how difficult it might look for a normal player to reach 2B. Simply without a good gear, you cant play and enjoy the game, so you have to spent real money, buy items, then play and hope, that you will find items worth the same sum, if you do not want only to invest into your char, but you want to get those funds also back.

To be honest, I have spent approximately 50USD on all of my items … You may think, that I am crazy but I am just about to purchase Reaper of Souls from the money I have made on the Diablo III auction hause system. And that is 40 USD (Standart edition now available for preorder …). Sure not everybody can however do that, which may be a good reason why to disable the Auction hause … But this post is not about AH or RMAH anyway.


  I want to share with you some of the experinces  from gameplay. First of all,almost all Chars have their special builds (Barbarian: WW/HOTA, Witch Doctor: Explosive Dogs,Monk Cyclone build/Tempest Rush and so on …) But you know … Wizards Rules :) … There are 3 main builds for wizards: Archon build, CM build and Meteor Build. The funniest one is the last one, the most farming effective is the Archon build and I think the best build for boss tanking is the CM build.


  • Archon : Its a simple build,dependent on very High DPS. Usually Archons wear a really powerfull black weapons along with triumvirate orb and use only DPS increasing skills and passives: Glass Cannon, Pinpoint Barrier, Force Weapon, Sparkflint and so on … The very best of them have about 600-700K DPS,which is enough to farm effectively on Inferno MP10. Getting such a gear is however costly. Obviously the most expensive items are weapons/helms and rings or amulets. The key lies in staying in archon for the whole time of playing. To do that, you have to kill lots of cretures as 1kill = +1s for archon. Therefore everybody has to choose the the correct difficulty settings, where they can stay in Archon for a long time (At least +- 60s with Criticall Mass on).  The bad thing is, that wizards in this archon build are really deadly, however once they are out of archon, they bocome easy targets for almost anything.


  • The CM build does not need a high DPS as seen before, rather you need lots of Critical Hit Chance (CC … 50+), attack speed (AS … 2,3+) and Arcane Power on Critical Damage (APoC … 15+). Once you have that, you dont even have to care much about health, armor or reasistances (Althought they might be very usefull in some situations like battling the skeleton king …). The only bad thing about this ,,PermaFrozen” build is that you have to hit your keyboard many times per second, as this build uses skill recycling. To explain that. There are 4 main skills this build uses: Crystall Shell, Explosive Blast, Frost nova and Vicked wind. The last one is not important here, since it cares only about doing lots of Crits. The first three skills have cooldowns however and nobody likes waiting, so vicked wind (+ explosive blast) care about resetting those cooldowns. Once they are reset, you can repeat, repeat and repeat. Note, that you are casting lots of Frost novas and therefore its from a point called the PermaFreeze build. Since that point, you arer casting frost novas in  such a rate that nobody can defrost. This is really usefull when your fighting something, that deals a lot of damage (Like the skeleton king) and you dont want to take those damage, so you rather freeze it. You also dont have to feel uncomfortable, as crystall shell constantly protects you from any damage taken :)  This was mine favorite build for slaying all availbale boses on Inferno MP10. And to be honest, slaying Belial on MP10 is not easy even with CM …


  • Now my beloved Meteor build. This is a build that needs lots of Arcane power,since your casting arcane-expensive skills: Meteors. They are on one hand really powerfull and massive, but on the other hand,they require you to regain lots of Arcane power. I therefore recommend everybody not to try this build unless they have at least 20AP/Crit + lots of AP regeneration. It doesnt matter which meteor rune your using, almost all availbe runes are fine, however I prefer the Molten/Comet rune,as the first is for damage increase and the second one is for better visual effects (looks really cool when combined with other cold and frozen skills). I also recommend everybody to try The crystall shell: Prism rune ( -7Ap cost reduction to all skills,it helps a bit when fighting Elites …). One of the biggest problems however is that its not a good build for single-targets,since you cant regenerate enought AP from hitting one monster. It suites to areas with enormous monster density (since patch 1.0.8 lots of areas still). I found out,that this build works with 30Ap/Crit (Max) on groups larger than 3 monsters.


 Till today,I have reached 2 x 100 paragon with my sorceress (First one Called Taylor the other one Swift … :)) ). It wasnt easy to be honest, but its a kind of personal achievement. Something like killing Belial on MP10.I can say that reaching paragon 60 is easy, reaching paragon 80 is modest and reaching paragon 100 is hard. But still lots of player were able to reach 10 times paragon 100. Well I think those players must be crazy :D … Well never mind. Diablo III became my most beloved game. I am also looking forward to Loot 2.0 System and Paragon 2.0 system … those are in beta right now and as the number says it will be full of ,,improvements”. Lots of players will however miss their old builds (Archon,CM,WW …) but as I have been testing 2.0 its also full of reall improvements and I believe that, there will be lots of other builds available for play. But till then Enjoy every possible build and be sure to check out ,,crypt channel” or ,,crypt run” :

  • Crypt channel is a private chat of player doing crypt runs :D … Now seriously … A so called crypt run is a new way of farming ang getting Xp in general. Usually a player search on  MP10 inferno difficulty for a Decaying Crypt in ActI – Fields of Misery and prepare it. In the terms of preparing: There are Spawing Horrors (In the Crypt), or simply creatures, that spawn 1-3  ,,zombies” whenever you hit them. This ability is limited but still if you let spawn most of the zombies available, they create huge hordes of zombies anyway. The prepper also has to group them in order they will be easier to kill once he gets his normal farming build. Prepping needs its own special build and cannot be done with all chars, especially prepping with DH or Wizard might be hard, so I recomend to try Monk TR Setup,Or Barb,Or even better WD with pestilence. In general, there are not very high requitments for the prepping build, just: LOW DPS, huge amounts of health, Life on hit, high movement speed, optionally Life steal and reasistances, but prefere rather more armor. Once Crypt is prepared, its also a good idea to prepare the fields of misery. This means to group most of the living things in the fields into a one or more places. Usually players prefer to group them in front of the entrance to the decaying crypt, but note, that this may be really laggy  and you will probably  die because of a network lagg since there will be hunderts of creatures and lots of server and network load. Therefore many players prefer to group them at the entrance to fields of misery (Bridge north from cementry of the forsaken) and  at the exit from fields of misery (That leads to the drowned temple). Optionally players can prepare elites (Leave at least 4 of them only 10% health) and the Weeping Hollow. Once the whole game is prepared,everybody switches to their farming build and the slaughter begin. + As there are hordes of living things on a few places, its fine to use global destruction skills. (Monk Essence Burn rune for example) But lots players are willing to have at least 1 high DPS Archon with them. Usually a good setup for tho whole game is as follows  : WD + Wizz + Monk + somebody.

Finally some of the best screenshots I have made  :)


Happy wizard farming to everybody! And feel free to visit my Battlenet profile or post comments :)