As a regular Diablo III -Reaper of Souls 2.0.6 player,I feel a responsibility in providing feedback to my beloved game. Since the official Forums on are overloaded with short and uncomplete posts,I decided to create a new post based on my own observations, where I will state all of the problems in the current patch. 


My favorite classes are both Int classes, but I still prefer playing a Sorceress. I may not have the best experience with Barbarians and crusaders,but so far I can tell you, Barbs are the most useless and their contribution to a party is very limited. On the Other hand,Monks and Crusaders provide usually a very nice bonusses to the party,especially when monks have the full Inna Set. Witch Doctors need chapter for themselves, their Big Bad Voodoo and Grave Injustive passive are so good, that combined with a Fetish Army or Fetish Sycopants, they do not have any problems taking down elites in multiplayer up to T5 or even T6 difficulty. I was playing as a WD very recently and I have to say,that unfortunately, even not a well geared WD is better than a good geared wizard. Usually I am able to play with a wizard on T4 without any problems,or T5 (If I am lucky and meet 1-2 elite at a time max.) . However when playing a WD,I was having no problems taking down elites at T5 and almost no problems at T6. The reason is very simple, as a close-combat wizard running arcane Archon/WoH build,I have to care about every elite ground effect, I have to be close, I have to take damage (And usually a lot of damage,so Aughild’s Authority is almost necessary) and once I am not able to kill monsters quickly,they usually kill me. On the other hand,when using full Zuni set as a WD,the combat strategy is very different. I press Big Bad voodoo,release a Gargantuan, open a chest (Procing Harrington Waistguard) and then running around and sometimes shooting from a useless poison dart … then I collect the loot. See the difference,WDs running this build do not need any cooldown reduction, or cost reduction.

I think this is not fair. I am glad that WDs are good and that they enjoy their builds up to T6,but all of the other classes should be able to take down elites that easily then. Crusaders are almost perma Akharat champions when using their main set, WDs have perma fetishes (If not using the massive Jade set) and they also have the huge gargantuan dog,which is almost as good as some average wizards. DHs can put sentries and bombard elites from a distance with cluster arrows,yet Wizards luck the ability to be effective against elites at higher Diffs. My beloved Meteor build from 1.0.8 is gone. Our main Sets are not that good,Firebird is useless,we lack AP regen and any cooldown reduction,we do not even have any special items like WDs (Righ now talking about Starmetal Kukri and Tall Man’s finger). And furthermore,we are not allowed to experiment with our items from these 3 main reasons:

  • Not enough storage space.
  • Increasing costs of enchanting items.
  • Bound to specific elemental damage (See below).


Stash space and enchanting costs

Since RoS came up with elemantal damage boosts,every good player uses items,that grant him a boost in  specific elemental damage (Lighting,Fire,Arcane …). At first,I tought that this system is really good, but then I realized the number of builds you can make from all of the available legendary items. To  be honest,I believe that 1-3 legendaries can make up a completeley new build based on theeir secondary suffixes. The problem here is that to use some of these legendaries,you need other items,that grant you an elemental damage boost corresponding to the single legendary item your using. For example the Wizard’s Myken’s Ball of Hate. I can’t imagine a wizard using this orb and some cold build for example. Or on the other side Light of Grace combined with Lighting build. So basically if you play just one class and would like to try a differnt build,you still have to keep more items in order to run the desired build later. This incredibely eats up your storage space. Now imagine playing 2 classes with different primary stats. You even have to keep the same items twice and I personally think this is ridiculous. Furthermore I believe that RoS was originally meant as a ,,build based on a single legendary” … this Idea was really cool,but the problem is that there are now only 2 (Max 4) rings worth using. The first one is Ring of Royal Grandeur and the second one is Stone of Jordan,both are so powerfull,that each player has to think twice before using a different one. Since you can enchant only one attribute and your probably never going to loot a very good SoJ,you will enchant some primary affix(Vitality,LoH …) into CC/CD/ATT. This however forces you to use only one elemental damage type for the reasons I mentioned before. (If you find SoJ with Arcane,you are almost forced to use arcane build). This is really sad,because I believe that lots of players would like at least to try a different build. I am aware of the fact that there are special Legendary items,that grant you a specific elemental damage type,that you cant change. I personally think this is ok,but but the slots where you can have different elemental damage type modifiers should be enchantable too,because as I said previously,it is a must and becuase you are usually bound to a specific elemental damage type (Which reminds me, that I have seen some Dex+Cold damage SoJ … the person,who found this ring was very disappointed, since there is no cold build for any DH or Monk worth using and he was trying to loot this ring for long …). Also having multiple items of the same name eats up the storage space and overall 4 tabs per account is nonsense blizzard. Maybe 4 tabs per class would be enough, altought I think I have a better solution.

Merchants: You hardly use them for anything else than repairing and selling items. Why not add an option to store items in the town warehouse? A list similar to the buying one where players will be able to put off their gear ,,they might use someday”. Such a small change with search button will elegantly solve this problem of low storage space. Or alternatively add a menu option to manage all the items on the whole account including all of the characters. Nowdays,If you have one item,you would like to use on 2 different chars (Good Int RoRG for example),you have to create game -> put the item into stash->leave the game->switch char->create game. This takes too long. Managing items from the main menu would be much better in similar situations. Furthermore,when we are talking about this town market or warehouse,why not add an option to trade gems (Not between players,but as an alternative to crafting in the town market). Crafting takes too long,I mean gems only,but I am sometimes really getting tired of crafting gems. Players will have a choice for example wheather to craft their own gems for lower price,or buy better gems for more gold and worse topazes (A small example: Choice between crafting an Imperial Topaz and Trading Imperial Topaz for 2 Random Imperial Gems …)

Now to the second problem,lets say I need a lot of cooldown reduction,but still would like to do a solid DPS. I am facing a question whether to roll cooldown or +DPS. Since there is an incresing price in enchanting, you are not going to experiment very much. You will try to roll and see what happens,If it is a weapon and your lucky,you will end up with socket,or +10% damage or whatever,however I really dont understand why should I pay 1 000 000 gold for just one roll (or more). If you are going to enchant an amulet or a ring,you spent about 900 000/roll why? Why such an enormous price? I understand that there is no Auction Hause and there must a way of spending gold,but this is a very stupid solution. You see the Idea was ,,experiment,have fun with different builds” but you are never going to reroll an item because you are afraid that in case it will not suit you,you will not get back your previous attribute.  Furthermore,if blizzard ever implements the secondary elemental damage enchanting,they will have to make it a constant price, else noone will be rerolling for the same reason.

Which reminds me … as an Int player,I am low on Topazes but yet,enchanting amulets/rings costs still topazes. This is really silly. I got thousands of Ametysts,Rubys and Diamonds (Even Emeralds), but I still have to spent topazes on enchanting? Why? I believe that enchanting should be made at a constant price with another difference: Players will have to craft different gems, than their main (Aka use Rubys for enchanting Int items and so on …).

Rifts and bounties

In comparison,bounties are more rewarding in gold,while rifts are more rewarding in the terms of blood shards and looting legendary items. I believe both need to be more balanced. I would love to see  better gold bonuses for rifts and higher blood shard rewards for bounties. Seriously, 4 bloodshards per bounty? … no,thats not worth it,either give that reward completely away or make it worth it. Otherwise bounties are not bad. Most of the problems on my mind comes from rifts. This is logical since its a completely new aspect of the game. I believe that the concept is ok : Progress thought the dungeon,kill boss,get reard,however …. The bosses … there are some really stupid bosses I really hate. First of all: Bloodmaw and InfernaMaiden,Both of them are so strong that is nearly impossible to beat them even with a hig-end gear on higher difficulty(At least with a Sorceress). I also believe that the chance of  Blighter’s  knockbacking should be reduced.He is also really powerful and knockbacking us and then killing us at longer distances is simply not fun. I also believe that Eskandiel should be fixed,he is supposed to summon skeletons and instead he summons only 1-3 skeletons (Make him summon more skeletons) and keeps constantly knockbacking you and vortexing you into arcane sentries,this also not fun. Bosses should be hard to kill,but the fight should also be funny,not a pain. I do not have any recommendations to the other guardians,just these 4,they are much stronger that the others.

Now to the rift itself. At first,killing huge mobs is funny for sure,but beeing ambushed by 3 or more elites at once is not funny at all. Imagine beeing ambushed by Armadons on high torment difficulty. This itself is not good regardless of the suffixes,but adding 2 more elites is like a f***** hardcore especially after entering a dungeon, since you cant even run away. I also ,,like” the idea of teleporting fire chains (Suddden death) …  There are rifts with almost no elites and rifts,where are almost only elites. I dont know what algorithm is behind this,but this definitely needs to be  fixed.  Which reminds me of the fact,that A5 mobs along with A4 mobs are not very popular. I understand that the idea of beeing constatly knockbacked must be very funny to blizzard developers,but fighting Anarchs, Executioners,Death Maidens and Corrupt angels together is NOT funny, its a pain. The Mobs need to be balanced in terms of difficulty,there are some ,,hard guys” from each Act (Beasts from A1,Fallen Masters from A2,Fat Guys from A3,Armaddons from A4,Executioners from A5 … ) and fighting all of them together is again not funny even with an OP character.

On the other hand, there are dungeons with such a low density of monsters,that you sometimes (happened to me about twice) just run through the level without any kill. This is again not funny and low density levels are boring as hell. Diablo is about killing mosters, not about exploring the beauty of monster-free dungeons.

Legendary items and Wizard APoC

As I said,there are some very powerful items and some, that were previously good,but are now useless. Traditionally lacuni prowlers have attack speed,but since Elemental damage is much more powerful,there is no need for any roll of lacunis. What about making the attack speed a 5th attribute? That will solve the problem very nicely …Vile Wards,high-end gear on 1.08 is again useless. It was famous for having the highes primary stat rolls,why not rolling them for example with double primary stats? That would make the item very intersting again … And my favorite one – Chantodo’s Will – Again high-end gear on 1.0.8 but pretty shitty now (And the set bonus too). This wand needs definitely some interesting buff,not 7-9% Cost reduction, thats a mockery. About 20% cost reduction would make me wonder wheather to use it,but still I dont like cost reduction at all,so I will prolly end up with some other wand or weapon anyway. Why not give us some SOLID APoC? This is the problem even of my  beloved Storm Crow helmet, it used to be good, it used to have everything a wizard needs: CC,Int,Vita,APoC,LoH … but the current one  … pure garbage (Well maybe good for some ultra special low-AP lighting build….). Blizzard thinks that by adding cost reduction and cooldown reduction,they have solved the Criticall Mass problem along with infitnite AP mages. But this was why those builds were funny (Not CM actually,but running Comet-Meteor build with frost nova, 5 AP meteor reduction and 30 APoC was one of my most beloved builds and to be honest,I wasnt infinite AP anyway). The problem is: We have cooldown reduction,we have cost reduction,we have APoC,but we do not have enough slots for these attributes! Righ now,I personally have 4APoC with 20% cost reduction.I cant afford to have a helmet with APoC and the lack of APoC wands is depressing. Even with +2Ap/sec from Tal Rasha set,I am running out of AP most of the time,Icant even think about running some meteor build without using the legacy items with 10APoC. 3-4AP on Crit is nonsence! Lets do some math: In 1.08 about 18AP/Crit was fine (So called limit for using twisters). Even when having 40% cost reduction,we end up on 10,8AP/Crit. With some bonus from passive,or tal rasha,we can say,that an avergae mage needs about 8AP/Crit. Those are two attributes rolled on max along with some mega cost reduction everywhere. Where the hell are we going to have all of these stats blizzard?!!!


Let’s face it, righ now, any LoH or Life Regen is useless. We end up gaing our HP from health globes. I personally tried to run some life regen (With Rogar’s Huge Stone),but it was such a low amount of health I was recovering that I gladly switched to Stone of Jordan … This problem is adressed in patch 2.1, but as in programming: Every new line produces a new potential threat. If LoH and Life Regen are greatly improved, where the hell are we going to roll them? We have only 4 primary stats. In order to be able to play on higher difficulty,we need all slots to provide us with damage increase and some survivability. There is currently no free slot for LoH or Life Regen and if there is (lets say I can sacrifice one or two vitality slots for life regeneration),I would not be probably able to reroll it, because, of course,I can reroll only 1 attribute and most of the players rolled their items the way it suits 2.0.6  not 2.1. As I read some posts regarding this problem on the,I found a nice solution somewhere – make items roll LoH and Life Regen as the Secondary suffix,not the primary one.


I think there is problem especially when  talking about gems. Their crafting is simply too expensive. Lets do some math again: I have about 4000 gems (in stash only – And I was enchanting and crafting a lot). The total sum to craft the best (Flawless Royal) gems from 4000 marquises is an amazing total of 500 000 000 GOLD! (483 466 666) … To craft one Flawless Royal,we need about 10M gold …. Unless you are effectively farming T6 bounties, there is no way you can achieve such a horrible sum of gold, so the gems will slowly stack up in you stash. Like Veiled Crystals and like Souls. Because both crafting and enchanting are simply too expensive, it consumes too much gold in comparison with other resources. When RoS came out, I was low on on everything, but because I cant craft anything right now (Due to increasing costs) I end up having more and more gems,souls,crystals,death breaths and even arcane dust,althought I have to say,that this game currently also lack the balance between veiled crystals and arcane dust (120 arcane dust/bracers seems to be too much again). For those,who would like to argue with me that they are never going to craft the best gems (because they would like to rather enchant rings/amulets),the total sum need to craft flawless imperial gems from 4000 marquises is still amazing 400 000 000 GOLD (399 600 000).

So this is what i suggest:

  • Make every enchanting need an imperial gem.
  • Lower ALL gem crafting costs to about a third or half.
  • Make crafting cost the same amount of Veiled crystals and Arcane Dust regardless of the the crafted item.
  • Make Enchanting costs CONSTANT.
  • Allow us also to reroll elemental damage type where possible.


Although there are some good sets for each class, some of them are much better that the others and some of those ,,Supposed to be high-end” sets lack any high-end bonuses. I was already talking about Chantodo’s return,but there are many other sets worth updating. Firebird’s Finery – a high-end wizard set, providing such a  low full set bonus, that its definitely not worth using  it. Furthermore the 4-piece set bonus is really strange. Do we really have to wait 5 minutes for reactivation of the bonus? I think this is nonsense. 5 mins is simply too much,a fair cooldown is about 120 sec and even this should take into account the cooldown reduction. Also Adding some molten meteor impact could do the set worth using at least in SC. The 6-piece needs overall improvements. At first, damage over time effects are useful currently only for a WD,not for a Wizard. And as a high-end set,it should be  something really good. I was reading throught the forums and I wrote some suggestions here (Down on the page) or alternatively here:

Copy of my Suggestions on Firebird's Finery

Guys,you are wrong. Its a set based on fire. I dont think its a good idea to deal additional fire damage since its already on firebirs eye … As I have seen there are some sets even for other classes that benefit after having 2,4 and 6 pieces. I personally like the +500Int bonus and I dont think they will redesign the 4th bonus,since lots of HC players will be pissed of ….

So my first suggestion is to reduce the cooldown for the 4th bonus. 300s? Are you serious? If I play HC and I am really scared of dying and I die and firebird revives me,I will just sit in town for 5 minutes? Thats a waste of time. First of all I think it should benefit from cooldown reduction and the whole cooldown needs to be greatly reduced. I believe 120s is fine (Just my opinion,but I think its still fair) … Also adding a molten meteor to the area would be really nice.

And now to the 6th bonus. 300%weapon damage is useless and definitely not worth using. It must really something massive since DHs sentries and WDs fetishes are strong as hell too. I tought about providing some party bonus too,but I am not sure,what it might be so there is only one suggestion in the list:

  • Remove cooldown on Molten Impact Meteor rune.
  • MeteorShower now casts 7 molten impact meteors.
  • Reduce all cooldowns by 1s for each enemy killed by fire.
  • Reset all cooldowns after killing an elite monster,also gain full health and full AP.
  • Energy twisters now navigate themselves against enemies, each enemy killed with an energy twister has a chance of releasing a new one.
  • You are surrounded with a firestorm that deal X% weapon damage/sec to all enemies,additionally,gain +X% damage by each enemy affected.
  • You and your alies are protected by energy shield thats absorbs X% damage taken and forces it upon your AP,Additionally,you regenerate X AP/sec.

My reasons for these updates are as follows: I have neveer seen somebody using motlen impact,this bonus will finally make the skill usefull again. A 7x motlen impact meteor shower is a nice alternative,althought this will better have a cooldown. The problem here is that as mentioned before in this thread, there will be 2 meteor-centric sets if this is implemented.

The cooldown things: Since CM is gone,lots of players are demanding some alternative. I think it will be fair to add some kind of cooldown reduction since both WDs and DHs have their grave injustice and natalya set bonuses. I know that blizzard was aware of the fact, that players used to be perma archons/CM wizards and therefore provided at least Vyr set and Wand of Woh, but I believe that something like CM is simply a must for a wizard.

Energy twisters: Again,since CM is gone,I have never seen anybody using any kind of energy twisters,Its simply not worth it(Spent 35AP and hope it will hit the target for a low damage), this set bonus will definitely persuade some players to use them. I believe that adding Walthek’s rebuke wand was originally meant to adress the problem that nobody was using energy twisters,but really …. Even straigt move doesn’t improve this much not to mention that’s it’s a 2-H item and honestly,the only char that uses 2-H is a crusader,who uses it as 1-H …

Surrounded by a firestorm: I personally believe that this is the best option,since it goes with the idea of firebird,providing some DPS updates and even dealing free damage to nearby enemies. I dont think its too OP,rather really a nice bonus. Must be however worth the 6 items bonus. So something like get 0,01% damage per monster affected and deal 50% damage over more than 1 sec is just wrong blizz. Could be some small amount of damage,I have no problem with it,but add some addtional effects to it then (Like periodically knocking,stunning and so on …)

Energy shield: Ya,the inspiration comes from Diablo II,energy shield was great and I am really missing it. Providing some kind of protection or buff to all players in a party is a bonus worth using in multiplayer games … Not sure if energy shielding everybody is the best solution, however.

I personally would go for the twisters or firestorm. I was also thinking about turning all output damage to fire as mentioned before …. Though I cant imagine comet or frozen orb dealing fire damage. Thats just ridiculous.

But I believe that these 2 are not the only sets,that need updating.Even the Zuni set itself is very problematic when a WD uses fetish psycopants as the passive.Ya … and  the Sage Set bonus was meant as a joke I suppose :) …


So … In the end end I believe that this game needs further balancing and improvements overall (Barbarians,Wizards and Monks especially),rather than adding seasons (I am really not a great fan of this and will never prolly give it even a try). Though Greather rifts sounds good and leaderbords too … provided that the classes are balanced,else there is no reason for adding leaderboards. I dont know if anybody is ever going to read this, but I hope so,I hope especially that we will be able to enchant 1 attribute + elemental damage type and that the emchanting costs will be constant. Also some rift changes would be welcommed too. Feel free to comment,share,or visit my profile Aenerine.