Filter Library for C++

by | Dec 28, 2016

There isn’t much C++ libraries available on the Internet. Especially when talking about signal processing (Or at least I was unlucky to find some). Therefore I have designed my own library with the following parameters:

  • Supported Filter types: Low-Pass, High-PassBand-PassBand-Stop (Even multi-band)
  • Designs can be customized by the following window functions: Rectangular, Hamming, Gauss, Blackman, Nuttall, FlatTop and Kaiser.
  • Only FIR Filters are supported right now. Filter coefficients are single-precision only.
  • Additional customizations can be done by updating window parameters.
  • No ECC Checking is available before calculating the filter. It is up to the user to provide valid values! (Eg. Frequency Range from 0 to 1 and so on.)
  • Available only in 64-bit mode

The output was tested with Matlab,so it should provide correct results. I am however always listening for any bugs found. For more info,a very good source for window function is the old good wikipedia!

I have also had to use the Boost library in order to calculate the kaiser window as the standard libraries cannot compute the modified bessel functions. Anyway this is just for your information :) 



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