To obtain the version of your current nVidia graphics drivers, the easiest way is to download GPU-Z. However in some scenarios, you cant use any other tools, so you have to search manually. By going to the Windows device manager and further into graphic adapter’s properties, you can see the following window with a driver version label:


In my case its To obtain the version of your drivers,simply use the last 5 digits of this number: 358.91 in my case.

I was also searching how to obtain the supported CUDA version of the driver, but I did not find any information regarding how the driver version corresponds to the CUDA version. Therefore anybody looking for such an answer is encouraged to look for the release date of the driver and the release date of a specific CUDA version and compare them. The other way might be to write a simple CUDA application with cudaDriverGetVersion command.

Also, don’t forget to update your drivers from time to time!