I have recently purchased a brand new phone as a replacement for my old Nokia C7, which worked pretty good for the past 6 years. I have decided to go for android because I already own an android tablet (Nexus 7 2013). Over the few years with android, I realized, that I am not satisfied with not having the root access, which is necessary if you want to get rid of the in-application ADs for example. This can be then done by modifying the host file using “AdAway or AdBlock plus” – Both can be then installed using FDroid.

Enable Developer Options:

  • Navigate to Settings->About Phone and Tap 7 Times on the build number.
  • Make sure to enable the ADB interface,Advanced Reboot and OEM unlocking.

Download and install 15 Seconds ADB Installer

  • Download from here. Then Install system-wide.
  • Open cmd with administrator privileges and hit “adb reboot bootloader
  • Once in bootloader, hit “fastboot oem unlock“. WARNING: This will reset your entire device,make sure to backup data!

Install TWRP custom recovery

  • Download the latest TWRP for your phone. In case of WileyFox Swift, its likely the “crackling”.
  • Navigate via the cmd to the folder your twrp.img image is located and put the phone back to bootloader mode*.
  • *In case you are unable to do it from PC via cmd, hold down the volume key down + power key when powering up the phone.
  • hit “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img“. You should have the TWRP recovery installed by now.

Install SuperSU to gain root permissions

  • Download SuperSU.zip and upload it to your phone (preferably to SD card) – you must boot up the phone completely to do this.
  • Once uploaded,boot your phone to recovery. You can do so, in the power-off options if you have enabled “advanced reboot” in the developer options.
  • Once in the recovery mode,tap install and navigate to the directory,which contains the SuperSU.zip. Then install.
  • You should have root permissions right now. I suggest to download the official TWRP app & RootChecker from google play.


Why SwiftFox


Once you are done,you can continue on reading why I purchased directly this phone: At first,I don’t like mainstream phones. This rules out the majority of phones on market. I would also never buy a Samsung phone because I really dislike them. Have had one for a month, then gave it away. Also seen some being broken after quite a short time. I am neither a great fan of Apple IPhones, although I bough one as a present for my girlfriend. It does have everything she needs + it’s easy to maintain and mostly error-free, it was expensive, but then I believe I will not have to buy a replacement for quite a while. I was in fact thinking of purchasing the same mobile again – the old good Nokia C7. Its a very good phone and a 600MHz CPU is still amazing speed for sending text messages and calling. The worst thing is the symbian OS inside, which is why I finally decided to rather use a newer model with some future ahead. Otherwise its (it was) a great phone.

So I was there searching on the web for hours for a reasonable phone. But then I somehow encountered the WileyFox – a company I have never heard of. It searched for details and found out that this company is in fact a british company and that none of its phones are available on the Czech market. Thanks to people being dumb and rather buying Samsung explosives. Nevermind, I looked up the various sortiment and it was just this Swift phone, that immediately took my attention. At first, it had a bit higher price, than I originally wanted to spend for the phone, but as I continued reading, seeing responses,reviews and watching the phone live in HD, I fell in love with this model. Partly also because its name is of course the surname of my favorite singer – Taylor Swift. Furthermore, we do own a couple of WelshCorgi Pembrokes and I like to call them “Fox”. I have immediately renamed the phone to “FoxPhone”,”SwiftFox” or more precisely and generally to “AnimalPhone” after arrival. The last phrase probably sounds better in my native language :) 


I do own this phone for just a week,but so far,I am really impressed with its design,simplicity and functionality. The only thing I am missing is a smaller display. This is however a bit more of a subjective as I still believe that phone should be a phone and not a flyswatter. This kind of phone is however very unlikely to find somewhere on the marked, because again, the trend is a 5″ phone. At least I can enjoy nice big images and high-quality video :)