Hi Everybody, I was recently trying to solve a problem with RDP on  Windows 7. After updating my computer through windows update (to RDP 8 ), I was able to connect to the remote computer (Running also Windows 7), however after minimizing the session and restoring it again,I obtained a black screen. I was trying to figure out, how to solve it and I found a very good solution here :) Simply uninstall all of these updates:

To be honest, I do not know which of them is causing the problem. But After uninstalling all of these updates on both computers, the problem was solved. If you have some time, you can give it a try and test which of them is causing the problem. Then you can post in the comments or write your own blog entry somewhere :) I believe this occurs only to Windows 7, since RDP 8.1 should be compatible to Windows 8.

Or if you have some extra time,you can try to follow the instructions in the link provided.